Can’t forget about our hobbies…

I am a busy woman, as we all are. When I am not at work, taking care of the kids, or doing homework, you can catch me behind the lense of my Canon T3i. I first began taking photos for the college paper during my first semester at Los Medanos College. In that role, I developed a passion for photography. But I didn’t really get to grasp the creative side of it, until it became a hobby of mine.

Now, my hobby has turned into a little side job. Not to mention the fact that it saves my family money, since I take all of my kids’ photos!


This is my life in a snapshot. The beauty of photography is simply capturing a moment that will never be recreated. Ever. Photography is an art that uses light and color to capture a moment, I am a light writer and I hope you enjoy what you see.




I made this page to connect with my BabyCenter blog on the Spanglish Mamis Channel, check it out. This blog is a snapshot of my life as a working mom, a student mom, and a photographer, but most of all LarenaI think it is important to reflect on what works in our lives and how we make that happen. So often we get caught up with schedules and routines, and forget to take the time to simply reflect. This blog is for just that…